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Getting back to the basics of love.

It is not hard to get back to the basics of love in your relationship consider the start of ur romance remember all the love

Aӏmоѕt еνегу love story һаѕ tһе potential tо Ьеgіn аѕ іf іt wеге а fairy tale. “Once υроn а time, twо people fell passionately іn love аnԁ tһеіг love wаѕ υnӏіkе аnу оtһегѕ Ьеfоге theirs.” Relationship beginnings аге wonderful аnԁ tһеу саn experience а ‘rebirth’ wіtһ а wedding, honeymoon аnԁ tһе exciting fігѕt year оf marriage. Onсе а couple begins tо grow аnԁ tһеіг lives change wіtһ jobs, children, social activities аnԁ оtһег commitments, tһе love аnԁ romance Ьесоmеѕ mоге difficult tо attend to. Sоmеtіmеѕ love аnԁ romance ѕееm tо Ье lost altogether. Tһіѕ destiny іѕ nоt unavoidable іf уоυ wаnt tо rekindle tһе passion ог simply bring іt tо а nеw level Ьу Ьесоmіng а hopeless romantic.

Wһеn уоυ wаnt tо ignite tһе passion іn уоυг relationship Ьυt уоυ aren’t ѕυге wһаt уоυ nееԁ tо do, tһе Ьеѕt place tо Ьеgіn іѕ аt tһе beginning. Tһіnk аЬоυt tһе tһіngѕ tһаt уоυ υѕеԁ tо ԁо fог уоυг partner аt tһе beginning оf уоυг relationship. If уоυ don’t remember ог nеνег tгіеԁ tо Ье а true romantic, don’t worry. It’s nоt difficult аnԁ оnсе уоυ Ьеgіn уоυ wіӏӏ find tһаt уоυ wіӏӏ gеt уоυг оwn nеw ideas аftег а while.

Mоѕt nеw relationships ог nеw beginnings rely оn tһе ‘little’ tһіngѕ tо show love аnԁ affection. Bе ѕυге tо remember special ‘couple’ days ӏіkе Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries аnԁ еνеn tһе date уоυ met іf possible. Bе ѕυге tо send а meaningful gift ог јυѕt а dozen roses аnԁ а box оf chocolates tо celebrate уоυг feelings fог уоυг partner. Women саn ԁо ехасtӏу tһе ѕаmе tһіng fог men here. Nоt mаnу men саn resist candy!

Yоυ mау nоt соnѕіԁег уоυгѕеӏf tо Ье а writer, Ьυt writing уоυг partner а long love letter wіtһ уоυг thoughts аЬоυt һоw уоυ feel fог tһе оtһег person іѕ оnе оf tһе mоѕt touching ways tо spark romance. If уоυ aren’t comfortable writing а letter, соnѕіԁег making lists аЬоυt wһаt уоυ love tһе mоѕt аЬоυt уоυг partner. Lists саn Ье аЬоυt tһе tһіngѕ tһеу ԁо tһаt mаkеѕ уоυ laugh, wһаt tһеу ԁо fог уоυ tһаt уоυ appreciate, һоw tһеу mаkе уоυ feel inside, һоw beautiful ог handsome tһеу аге аnԁ оtһег νегу personal Ьυt attentive details.

Call уоυг partner аnԁ talk softly аnԁ loving. If һе ог ѕһе isn’t аЬӏе tо answer tһе phone, leave loving messages оn tһеіг voice mail ог answering machine. Talk dirty wһеn уоυ knоw tһаt һе ог ѕһе can’t return tһе ѕаmе conversation оn tһе оtһег end.

Sоmеtіmеѕ couples feel mоге comfortable tгуіng tо bring romance іntо tһеіг relationship Ьу bestowing gifts оn tһеіг partner. Wһіӏе classics ӏіkе flowers, candy аnԁ perfume ог cologne аге аӏmоѕt аӏwауѕ successful gifts, tгу ‘giving’ ѕоmеtһіng different. Mаkе plans tо gо ѕее еνегу romantic movie tһаt соmеѕ tо tһе theater ԁυгіng tһе year. Bring home а bottle оf champagne tо celebrate еνеn tһе tiniest accomplishment һе ог ѕһе һаѕ had. Randomly send romantic and/or humorous greeting cards tо һіѕ ог һег workplace ог hide tһеm υnԁег tһе bed pillows аt home.

Tһеѕе suggestions аге simply ideas tо gеt уоυ started іn уоυг effort tо bring romance аnԁ love tо а nеw level іn уоυг marriage. Yоυ mау һаνе уоυг оwn ideas аnԁ tһоѕе аге mоѕt ӏіkеӏу Ьеttег tһаn аnуtһіng offered here. Onсе уоυ open tһе door tо romance іn уоυг marriage аnԁ Ьеgіn tо build а foundation fог future romance, уоυ аге ready tо move tо еνеn mоге creative levels оf romance.

Leaveing A Heart in the Street

You shouldn’t let anyone leave ur heart in a street to be ran over. Never be left feeling vulnerable and alone I feel it leads to more pain and turns you in to a target.

Its funny how when a relationship ends especially when ended badly your so devastated and feel like you are dying of a broken heart the dumper leaves the dumped heart in pieces. Many cases of cheating something I feel thats unforgivable yet in the moment have forgiven like a dummy. Because like they say once a cheater anyways why do we give others the power to hurt us I remember this one loser I was dating man at the time I thought he was such a prince, more like a horrible wrinkled toad with oozing warts. Yes he was that bad and you know I was so dumb I let him cheat lie what ever he even spit in my face witch is most disrespectful thing ever in my book. I mean I know that a real man shouldnt lay a hand on me but man oh man I just wanted to be loved. Anyways I wish I knew then what I know now and hope you all realize that this to shall pass and if it doesn’t get better if the guy your with doesnt work out maybe it is like that Rascal Flatts song- “God bless the broken road that lead me straight to you” Keep in mind yes your broken now but it can be better the next go around.

Establishing Online Dating Relationships: Safety First

Online dating can be fun. But don’t neglect safety and common sense when you try to hook up with a mate. At minimum, take caution in the following areas.

Protect Your Computer

Take care of your equipment and systems before you head out into the Internet realm. You need to have a firewall and anti-virus protection for your email and for when you search websites and interact online. At the bare minimum, you may want these two solutions that are offered at no charge to home computer users (i.e. not for commercial use):

Free Firewall Download: ZoneAlarm
Free Anti-Virus Download: AVG Anti-Virus

Protect Yourself

Take care of yourself, too, by choosing appropriate dating sites. Seek and choose a reputable online dating service. How? Begin by asking around with friends, neighbors, co-workers and others you may know who have tried online dating, and see which places they recommend. In addition, search “online dating services” and keep a notebook of their URLs or website links, the fees, rules and regulations, complete contact information of each and any other useful information that spikes your interest. Then compare each place. Try only those places where you feel safe. Avoid the others.

So take care. Arm your computer – and yourself- with the correct tools and knowledge!

The Games

I dont know about you but I am so sick of the games I notice men and I have seen women play them as well but I’m gonna stick to men cause I have a player unlike any other.

Most games are played on field or with a ball I dont mind those and the players that play on there usually on a team I unfortunately will not be talking about those players I dont mean a bunch of girls player either. Im talking a bout head games and the way they can affect you I have been dealing with a pro man. I sit here completely in love attracted and stupid I fall for it every time but then dont we all most people know the games they pkay its the ones that dont that scares me double standards are the worst and I am sorry if im a bitch after what I have been put through but ket me ask you this are you in a great mood when your heart gets ripped out and stomped on I sit here and I watch our daughter all day everyday I clean and am contributing to the bills when I can or make moneys here and there. So that means you can come and go as you please and you get to do whatever you want to. If I wanna go anywhere you manipulate the situation to where I cant go because who will watch our daughter or that its gonna cause a big fight so I can’t leave anywhere unless with you whats wrong with that. I just dont get it wake up and smell the roses nicole because I dont think this is right. Am I wrong I wanna know what you think come comment and advise please.

Body Language, reading the body.

      There is a hottie at the end of the bar and you cant tell if he is into you or not we have all been there, but what if you could tell if he is interested just by his body, here are some body language translations.


You see your interested person across the room but how can you find out if there in to you with out putting your self in the position to get rejected and hurt because rejection is tough. I’m gonna share a few tips on how to read his or hers body so that you know if you have a chance then keep reading anyone may express interest with certain expressions of body language or a co worker or whoever you want to know how there feeling. OK so you wanna know if you should walk up to your crush or if they are interested  before you approach most people when they are interested will keep looking at you women tend to want you to notice them checking you out and men will kind of separate themselves from their group so the focus is on them. So OK now you noticed each other they might be interested so you approach now are they facing you when you say hello do they turn there hole body towards you are they making eye contact. Eye brows tend to arch up if there is interest. men will get a different tone in there voice. Women often cross there leg towards you its a go away from you there saying no no. now this will not seal your fate in stone and some people may do 1 or 2 of these things and not be  interested but chances are especially more then one of these together they are in to you. Body language is a handy helper when expressing yourself or figuring someone out hope I have helped.

Using Feng Shui to bring back the Romance.

        Feng shui is said to have a positive affect on the romance here are some easy inexpensive ideas to help bring back your romance and Rekindle that flame.

We can start wit the front door depending on which way ur door is facing should be the color  of paint u use to balance the elements and bring in the good energy South facing doors should be the  fire element colors like red, orange, and so on. Doors facing to the north should be painted for metal/water so blue, silver, and so on. East east is wood/water green brown, blue, or yellow earthly colors. and west should be metal/earth light yellow,  white, gray.

Another idea is bringing in plants potted plants bring positive energy and vitality plus they clear the  air cant go wrong with plants there are tons to choose from and internet is full of advice on how to care for anything so you can read up on and even order them if you find one that is not only pretty but rare.  Be sure to throw out any dead flowers eastern philosophy says dead flowers means dead love .

Feng shui says have mirrors in the entryway but do not have them across from the door because all ur energy comes through the door and the mirror bounces it right back out. Try on the wall on the side of the door or in a hallway next to the entry way.

Now on to the bedroom feng shui your room to bring back the romance by having furniture balanced. 2 nightstands 2 dressers if u want a desk u should have two of them too remember there are two people in there and u should balance it in such away for consideration and personal space.

Pictures should only be of the two inhabitants don’t want to feel watched by ur parents or friends plus it gives a more intimate feel to the room. If you want pictures of other things just make sure there soft pictures and romantic like rose petals or candles.

Also incorporate your five senses touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound. Touch be sure to use cotton sheets plush fury rug feels good on the tootsies smooth furniture. Taste put a candy dish on ur dresser with your favorite candies in it. Sight incorporate your favorite colors and blend them together through out the room. Smell scented candles fresh flowers clean fresh sheets. Sound having a radio turned to harmonious calming music clears your mind and brings it all together

Feng shui your bedroom is really about calming your soul and peace of mind to leave it open for each other so try a few of these ideas and see how much better you feel with a nice and decorated place.

Test his Love for you with my Love Test.

Love Test how much does he love you?

Here is my love test test his love for you with these quick easy questions?

1. When choosing your date activities?

A. You flip a coin just so its fair.

B.  Go where he wants he always gets his way.

C. Go where you wanted you always get to decide.

2. He gets along good with your friends

A. Because he is always flirting  with them.

B. He doesn’t get along with your friends.

C. Because he is always so nice that everyone loves him but not in a flirty way.


Top Turn Offs and Turn Ons

Here are a few top turn offs for men and women to help you with Your Do’s and Don’ts…..


1 .  Smelly,  sloppy, dirty, or obnoxious.

2.  Ignorance, stupid, or ditzy.

3. Perverted, on track mind, close minded.

4.  Jealous, possessive, controlling .

5. Cheap, No style, penny pincher.

6. Players , posers, wanna bes.

7.  Jobless, Living with mom, irresponsible.


A Few Top Turn Ons

1. Lip biting or licking, Neck biting

2.Pushed up against a wall, Rough sex ,Ass smacking, Hair pulling

3. Cuddling,  Tight Hugs

4. Dirty talk

5.Sence of Humor

6.Risk of getting caught

7. Foggy windows


Looking for new love-Dating sites dangers!!

I think a lot of people think dating sites are a joke…

But  i see a lot of people looking for love or asking “How do i meet new people?” Well I don’t know how to just go out there and strike up a conversation with some random dude and start dating him, as a matter of fact i have never been the approacher i’m always the one approached.  I also never had a lot of dates, lol, I always wonder how they get the nerve so I think that these online dating sites are a good idea especially since more and more are signing up on them.But i feel that the age requirement should not only be met but you should never give false information about yourself.    Plus u should set  some strict guidelines if meeting someone off a dating site  meeting someone alone  should not be done under any circumstance meet them and bring a couple that you know to make it a double date i dont mean u and ur friend meet him and his friend i mean make it a group first date not very romantic i know but you wanna make sure they are not crazy killers or big fat liars literally.  Don’t rush off to go meet someone without really getting to know them you never know who it is on the other side of that keyboard and there are a lot of sick wackos on dating sites out there so be careful and never agree to meet anyone alone.

no joke dating site